Using open data to solve development challenges

21 July 2016

At the end of the project to import IATI data into the Bangladesh AIMS, we reflect on lessons learned and suggest some next steps.

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Automatically importing financial data into Bangladesh's AIMS

08 April 2016

At the mid point of development, we summarise our progress in the last two weeks, and look forward to challenges in the remaining stages of development.

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Five weeks into using IATI data in Bangladesh

21 March 2016

Five weeks into development, we’re now beginning to handle double-counting for co-financed and trust fund projects, and to merge project data betwen IATI and the AIMS.

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What we learned in the first three weeks of development

08 March 2016

Over the last three weeks Technovista, the local IT company we are working with, have been hard at work. We discuss where we’ve got to so far and what we’ve learned.

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Using IATI Data in Bangladesh

19 February 2016

We discuss our approach to beginning to use IATI data in Bangladesh, and some of the challenges we’re likely to face.

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