Germany’s data is published by BMZ and includes projects funded through GIZ and KfW. The data currently includes cumulative figures for each project, without any breakdown over time. This makes it difficult to know how much has been spent in any year. GIZ projects also contain multiple “phases”, but it is unclear if these phases are or should be joined together to make a single project in the IATI data.

Project components

A small number of projects captured in the AIMS do not appear in IATI. One project is divided in two in the AIMS but combined in IATI data. The other project does not appear in IATI data; it is unclear why. GIZ’s project database contains far more proejcts than those published in IATI, even restricting the search to only those projects financed by BMZ, Germany’s development ministry. Again, it is not clear why.

The BMZ project portal appears to be out of date, but this data also raises an important issue. Where GIZ projects are comprised of numerous phases, the project number of only the most recent phase is published. It is not clear if this is because older phases are deleted, or if the phases are combined and labelled with the most recent phase’s project ID. Both options are highly undesirable because it means either that there is missing data or that project IDs are not stable.

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